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Manual vs. Automatic


By Mark Richardson Back in the day, no self-respecting driver would be seen in a car with an automatic transmission. Real drivers drove stick, with a clutch pedal for the left foot and a short-shifting lever in the centre console. The car would move all the quicker for it. After all, even a decade ago, […]

The latest tech


By Mark Richardson Some of the technology in today’s cars would have been unbelievable just a decade ago. Consider these options, all available on vehicles today: Mercedes-Benz dual screen. Mercedes-Benz offers a dual-panel screen that shows one image to the driver and another to the front seat passenger, depending on the angle of sight. The […]

CAA roadside assistance comes to Apple Watch


OTTAWA, ON – The Canadian Automobile Association (CAA) is proud to announce the launch of the Apple Watch version of Service Tracker for the CAA app. CAA added Service Tracker to its Apple and Android smartphone apps in Ontario a year ago, allowing members to easily track the location of their assigned service vehicle in […]

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What’s up with flying cars?


Look up! Up in the sky! See any flying cars? Nope. Yet 2015 is the year to which Marty McFly time-travelled in the movie Back To The Future II, when the sky was filled with swooping DeLoreans and all kinds of other airborne four-wheelers. What happened? Rules – that’s what happened. The rules of physics […]