International Driving Permit

What is an IDP?

When accompanied by a valid driving license the IDP can be used to drive vehicles for tourism purposes in many foreign countries.

CAA is the only organization in Canada authorized to issue an International Driving Permit.

CAA is the only organization in Canada authorized to issue an International Driving Permit. For more information on IDPs, review the information below.

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IDPS: Update

At the end of October, 2013, CAA received a few reports of Québec residents being fined in the state of Georgia for not carrying an English-language driver’s licence. As a result, CAA-Québec is now recommending that Québec residents purchase an IDP. This does NOT apply to residents of any other Canadian province, since all other provinces issue English-language licences. CAA is working with the proper authorities to try to get Georgia to allow French-language licences.

IDPs in Florida: Update

Repeal of Florida IDP Law: Governor’s Approval Resolves Situation for Canadian Drivers in Florida

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Where is the CAA IDP valid?

In all the countries that signed the 1949 Convention on Road Traffic. In addition, many other countries which are not signatories to the Convention recognize the IDP and accept it in their territories.

How do I obtain one?

Print the IDP Application, complete it and submit it to your local CAA Club.

Requirements for issue:

  1. The applicant must be 18 years of age or older
  2. Photocopy (front and back) of a valid Canadian provincial driver’s licence
  3. 2 passport type photographs
  4. Fee payment of $25.00*
  5. Complete and sign the CAA IDP application form (no other form is acceptable)

 *Mailed in applications must include the fee payment either by credit card or in the form of a bank draft, money order or cheque in Canadian funds drawn on a Canadian financial institution payable to your local CAA Club. 

IDP Application