Bike-Car Relationship

CAA has always advocated on issues of concern to its Members, and today that includes how bikes and vehicles can better co-exist on Canada’s roads.

Millions of our Members are both drivers and cyclists, and they see the debate from both sides. Our goal is to provide neutral information, tips and best practices so Members can drive and cycle safely.

Bike Safety

Road safety is one of CAA’s main concerns. That is why we created a Bike Safety website that offers both cyclists and motorist advice on sharing the road and tips on avoiding common bike-car collisions.

Cyclists can also refer to the website to learn about choosing proper bicycle equipment, riding skills and tips on bicycle repair and maintenance.

Bike Assist

CAA is putting its commitment to the bike-car relationship into action through the services we offer. For example, several CAA clubs offer Emergency Roadside Assistance to bicyclists year round as part of the CAA membership.

For more information on Bike Assist in your region, refer to your local CAA Club’s Member benefits.

CAA is a proud sponsor of, an interactive map for cyclists that highlights cycling trouble spots, safety hazards and bike thefts in regions across Canada. The crowdsourced map is designed to help cyclists plan their ride before they leave home, avoiding potentially dangerous or risky routes. If you know of any trouble spots in your neighbourhood, register today and help keep your community safe and informed.  


CAA Bike-Car Conference

As part of our commitment to further the bike-car discussion, CAA hosted a national conference on the topic. Changing Lanes: Improving the Bike-Car Relationship on Canada’s Roads was hosted on May 25th, 2011, in Vancouver, B.C. The conference brought together leading international and domestic experts to discuss the latest thinking on bike/car safety, infrastructure, and the business opportunities and costs of increasing the presence of bicycles in our cities.

You can watch the entire conference on our YouTube Channel. Just click on the CAA Car-Bike playlist.