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CAA and Air Passenger Rights

We advocate for clearer and improved rights for air travellers, which include:

More transparency – passengers must know their rights to claim them

  • Clear, simple definitions of what an airline’s responsibility is in the case of overbooking, excessive delay, cancellations and lost/damaged bags
  • Straightforward list of compensation owed in each case
  • Airlines and government required to make this information readily available to passengers

An efficient and effective redress system for complaints

  • Passengers should not have to spend months in a quasi-judicial process in order to claim compensation
  • The regulator (Canadian Transportation Agency) should be empowered to make industry-wide rulings so recurring issues do not have to be argued over and over again

A made-in-Canada air passenger rights system that ensures Canadian rights do not lag other major jurisdictions

  • Both the US and the European Union have air rights regimes in place that guarantee better treatment for passengers

More emphasis on customer service by CATSA

  • Other countries mandate a balance of security and customer service – Canada does not but should
  • Other countries such as Israel offer wait time guarantees that far surpass CATSA’s standard

Expanded opportunities for pre-clearance for passengers

  • Clearing frequent travellers faster would shorten lines for everyone

All-in pricing that applies to all carriers, not just scheduled carriers

  • Advertised prices from all carriers should allow consumers to understand the total price up front
  • Currently, only scheduled carriers must include all fees and taxes in their posted prices

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