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Automated vehicle technology will change the future of driving in Canada.

And it is closer than you think.

On the road to driverless cars

Only a few years ago, automated vehicles (AVs) seemed like a distant future. But as technology evolves, it’s easier to see how driverless cars could become reality.

That’s not to say the process won’t take time. There are also important questions to answer before this vision can come to life, including on privacy and safety. Not to mention the challenge of making everything work in Canadian winters.

Explore the road ahead to AVs with CAA!

Self-driving car? Autonomous vehicle? Automated car? Driverless vehicle? Connected car?

All of these terms are used to describe the car of the future, but what do they mean? Autonomous, self-driving or driverless vehicles all indicate that driver intervention is rarely, if ever, needed. The term automated or connected vehicle covers everything from today’s vehicle with cruise control to a fully autonomous vehicle.

The potential of automated vehicles

Autonomous vehicles hold the promise of being better, safer, more inclusive and more efficient personal transportation solutions. Here are some of the ways that AVs could improve our lives.

What percentage of traffic collisions could AVs prevent?

Driver behaviour is a leading contributing factor in vehicle collisions. While AVs won’t be perfect, experts agree they will be much better than humans at safely following all the rules of the road.

Do the majority of Canadians believe autonomous vehicles will improve accessibility?

Self-driving cars could create a world of possibilities for people who are otherwise not able to take the wheel, including children, the elderly and those with a disability.

Do the majority of Canadians think AVs will give people more time for work and leisure?

Canadians spend over 11 million hours1 per year stuck in traffic. But as vehicles become more automated, people will be able to focus less on driving and more on productive tasks behind the wheel.

1Grinding to a Halt: Evaluating Canada’s Worst Bottlenecks, by CAA

What will be the economic benefit of AVs?

Transportation has a big impact on our lives and our world. AVs will use roads more efficiently than traditional cars. Each vehicle could be perfectly spaced on the road, which could reduce traffic jams.
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