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As part of our effort to promote mobility and road safety, CAA is interviewing Canadians from coast to coast on how they stay safe and share the road. Catch all the interviews here.

Adele Paul from Saskatoon is a stay-at-home mom, and shares her family fun advice on FamilyFun Saskatoon and FamilyFun Canada.

What’s your connection with cycling?

I was an avid cyclist in university, and now, as a family, we do it leisurely. The kids play a lot on their bikes. We have a crescent in front of our house, which is a perfect place for the kids to have fun on their bikes. I would guess they have their bikes out every day from June until September.

You said you took the CAA road test and bike quiz, how was your experience?

A lot of the same tips and advice have been taught at my kids school through bike safety days. I’m not sure how much they would remember and how good they are about practicing it, so the bike quiz and road test are a good reminder.

What are your favorite cycling spots in the Saskatchewan?

Definitely the Meewasin Trail! It is a trail that runs along the South Saskatchewan River, up and down both sides of it and then even beyond city limits in either direction. It’s mostly gentle to ride, it’s paved, and you don’t run into any cars.

What challenges do your children face when sharing the road with cars?

I would say the biggest challenge is attention. The kids are out just trying to have fun and aren’t paying attention to others on the road, cars included. My daughters, who are younger, are doing okay but my son is just still in Lala Land. And that is why I choose to have as many family cycling adventures as possible, so I can remind them of the rules of the road. There is a benefit to a few supervised bike rides as a family where you can practice the rules of the road together, CAA’s road test is a perfect companion on these trips.

What would be your one advice to fellow parents to stay safe on the road?

You have to do it often. If you want them to learn the rules of the road, you’ll need to do it with your kids, which means, of course, you need to know the rules yourself. Check out CAA’s bike safety web site for tips and advice.

Where can our readers stay up-to-date with your family adventures?

You can follow me on and

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