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As part of our effort to promote mobility and road safety, CAA is interviewing Canadians from coast to coast on how they stay safe and share the road. Catch all the interviews here.

Amanda DeGrace, a busy mom of three, is the founder of Little Lotus Yoga and is a TV regular on shows like CTV Ottawa Morning Live, Global Morning Montreal, and Breakfast Television Montreal. We caught up with her in Ottawa, where she lives with her family.

Hi, Amanda! Thanks for taking the time to talk to us today. Did you get a chance to try the CAA road test and bike quiz at all?

I did, yes! I would say I had a few errors on the adult road test. I love how the bike test for kids is set out, I had my seven-year-old look at it with me, and the graphics drew him into it, it was something that we could get the whole family involved, which was nice. It wasn’t just mom and dad pointing to the figure and being like “this is what you can do, this is what you can’t do”, it was something that they could be involved with which was great.

And I just think it’s vital that we’re educating them when they are young because it’s harder to teach them when they’re older.

We are glad your whole family got engaged in the test and the quiz. How would you describe your cycling habits and those of your children?

I am more comfortable riding when it’s back country roads, not a lot of cars. I am very nervous to bike where there are cars, and I feel like that is in part because not all people are equally educated about road rules. Often when I take all 3 of my children out for a bike ride, I’m walking while they bike so that I can keep 100 percent of my attention on them at all times.

If you think about other parents, what would be your advice when it comes to staying safe on the road?

Just have those conversations with your whole family. Role play different scenarios before putting your children on their bikes on the road, going through the bike quiz and the road test with your children for example. You want to create a conversation in real time around safe cycling, and allow them to take the lead, see what they know, what they remember and then you, as the adult and the parent, can fill in some of those gaps where they may need reminders.

Where could our readers follow you and stay up to date with your healthy living and yoga adventures in the future?

Our website is and on Instagram we’re @littlelotusyoga, and on Facebook we’re, and then on Twitter it is @littlelotusyoga, and also @AmandaDeGrace. It’s been great talking to you as well!

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