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As part of our effort to promote mobility and road safety, CAA is interviewing Canadians from coast to coast on how they stay safe and share the road. Catch all the interviews here.

Meet Jenna MacDonald: she spends her days as a Marketing & Business Development Professional in Bathurst, New Brunswick while also being an avid blogger, mom, wife, and travel enthusiast.

In your busy life, Jenna, where does cycling come in, how would you describe your cycling style?

I think the best way to describe my family’s and my cycling style would be “tourist-cyclists”. When we’re on vacation, we tend to rent bikes to explore a city or an area, just because it’s such nice relaxing way to get around, and you can cover more ground than just walking. I think we will cycle more as my son grows; he is only one right now. He’ll be getting a tricycle soon, and with that, we’re definitely looking to explore more parks and recreational areas together regularly.

What are your favorite cycling spots in your neighbourhood?

In our area, there’s what would be called “The Old Road” which is the Route 134. It goes along the shore, so it’s very scenic. You can ride along the water and pass through a few quiet communities; it’s very nice. But I’d also absolutely recommend Centennial Park in Bathurst, for kids in particular, because the park offers some pathways through the park that are paved – a great option for early cycling learners.

What would be your one advice to fellow cyclists when it comes to staying safe on the road?

Make sure you are being seen. Wear bright clothing. If you travel like me and rent bikes to see the city, pack bright clothes to make sure others can see you. Especially, here in New Brunswick where there’s certainly less regular commuter cycling traffic than there is in a place like Vancouver, it is so important to make motorists aware that you’re on the road.

And….finally: what was your score in our Bike Quiz, Jenna?

I got 4 out of 5! It was good. It was a great reminder and helps bring light to the issue of cycling safety. You probably have learned or know of a lot of the tips and advice in the quiz, but if you don’t cycle often you may forget them.

And, where can our readers stay up-to-date with your travelling adventures?

Best is to check out my blog and follow me on Twitter @JennaMac007.

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