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As part of our effort to promote mobility and road safety, CAA is interviewing Canadians from coast to coast on how they stay safe and share the road. Catch all the interviews here.

Mike is the face of pop-culture and travel blog Mike’s Bloggity Blog and also runs a guide to cycling in Calgary called Calgary by Bike.

How did you get into cycling yourself?

I’m new to cycling which, I guess, is pretty funny considering what I do but I’ve only been cycling as an adult for about 5-6 years now. It’s easier to get around on a bike, it’s cheaper, and it’s so much less stressful. Plus, I love bike networks because you end up talking to people just as you’re standing there waiting for the light – it’s a very social experience.

What are your favourite cycling spots in Calgary?

Oh, we have this beautiful path on each side along the river downtown in Calgary that connects not only the city’s two islands but also all of my favourite neighbourhoods. I just love riding along there!

What steps do you take to prepare for a bike ride?

I’m on my bike about six or seven times a day, so I’m just always ready. I have my helmet with me anywhere, and I make sure my tires are pumped. But we’re also lucky around here to have free maintenance stations along the path which is great.

What are the challenges sharing the road with cars and how do you navigate those?

I think on both sides it’s all about education and just knowing what to look out for. As a cycling advocate here in Calgary I am all about following the rules and just think that goes for all participants.

I used the CAA Road Test to brush up on my knowledge about road rules. It is really good and well laid out. I found it easy to understand how to bike in the city. Bike rules are not too hard to figure out, but it’s good to have a solid sense of what you’re supposed to do especially if you’re not biking in a place that has bike paths.

If you could cycle any route in the world tomorrow, where would you go?

I love cycling through Holland! They have great bike highways in between towns and cities, and I’d just love to explore that more.

Where can our readers follow you/stay up-to-date with your cycling adventures?

Mike’s Bloggity Blog! You can find me under that handle on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram as well.

Mike also produces a cycling guide for Calgary’s cycle networks. The city has the largest bike pathways in all of North America. The guide shows you the best places to eat, best places to take photos, hotels that have bike rentals, family-friendly activities, public art and things like that that are all along the downtown bike lanes.


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