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Common Vehicle-Bike Collisions

Do you know which real-life scenarios provide the greatest danger for collision?  Drivers and cyclists, learn about common vehicle-bike collisions and tips on how to prevent them.

Turning Right

turning right

Drivers, check the curb lane with mirrors and shoulder check on your right to ensure you don’t cut off approaching cyclists.

Cyclists, be on the lookout for vehicles that may turn wide at intersections.


Turning Left

Turning Left

Drivers, look ahead for oncoming vehicles and cyclists and check the crosswalk for pedestrians.

Cyclists, be on the lookout for turning signals and vehicles that may be about to turn left.




Drivers, remember that cyclists need a meter on either side of them as a safety zone.  Do not pass too close and always change lanes to pass.

Cyclists, be prepared to slow down or stop for passing vehicles that may merge back into your lane too early.


Opening Doors

opening doors

Drivers, always mirror and shoulder check for cyclists before opening your door.

Cyclists, be on the lookout for people sitting in parked vehicles that may open the door as you are riding by.

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