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Driving High stats

Let’s clear the air. Here are some statistics on cannabis consumption and the effect it has on driving:

  • 89% of young Canadians said they wouldn’t drive themselves home after drinking alcohol, yet 66% of those same individuals would be willing to drive themselves home after consuming cannabis (CAA polling, 2018).
  • 20% of young Canadians (aged 18 to 34) believe their driving is unaffected by cannabis ( CAA polling, 2018).
  • 30% of young Canadians say they have either driven after smoking cannabis or been in an automobile driven by someone who had recently smoked cannabis (CAA polling, 2018).
  • 25% of young Canadians believe that the impacts of cannabis consumption are less detrimental to their driving ability than alcohol (Government of Canada).
  • 44% of Canadians said it’s safe to drive less than five hours after they’ve consumed cannabis (CAA polling, 2018).
  • First-time cannabis use is up by 4% since legalization, with 18% of Canadians reporting recreational cannabis use (Statistics Canada).
  • 65% of Canadians agree that cannabis users often fail to realize that they are impaired from using cannabis (Government of Canada).
  • 81% of Canadians know someone who has used cannabis and 56% have consumed cannabis at some point in their lives (Government of Canada).
  • 44% of youth say it is easy to tell if someone is too high to drive (Government of Canada).

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