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Eco Driving

CAA believes in giving you the knowledge to make informed choices when it comes to how you drive, what kind of vehicle you purchase, and how you take care of it. We think it’s possible to save money, and help save the environment, through eco-driving.

Fuel-Efficient Driving Tips

Cutting energy consumption is good for your wallet as well as the environment. For example, did you know that reducing your highway speed by 20 km can save 20% in fuel costs? For the average driver, that equates to hundreds of dollars per year and fewer carbon dioxide emissions. Here are a few more environmentally friendly and fuel-efficient driving tips:

On The Road:
  • Accelerate gently.
  • Reduce highway speed.
  • Maintain a steady speed.
  • Use cruise control on highways.
  • Avoid hard braking.
  • Anticipate stops far in advance.
  • Coast to slow down and avoid unnecessary braking.
  • Don’t idle. Turn off engine if you are stopped for more than one minute.
Off the Road:
  • Service your vehicle regularly.
  • Whenever possible, plan your route to combine all stops in one trip.
  • Plan to carpool when possible.
  • Use a block heater in cold weather – it warms your engine coolant faster to save fuel.
  • Choose high-efficiency fuels.
  • Choose high-efficiency tires to reduce rolling resistance.
  • Remove roof racks to decrease aerodynamic drag.
  • Clean out your trunk to remove excess weight.

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