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Purchase an Eco-friendly Vehicle

Are you in the market for a new vehicle and want to make choices that are environmentally conscious and save money on fuel?

Use some of our handy tips to help you with your purchase:
  • First, do some research to compare fuel consumption of various makes and models here.
  • Check the EnerGuide labels on all new cars, which show fuel consumption ratings and estimated annual fuel costs.
  • Choose a smaller vehicle.
  • Choose a lighter vehicle, for example one with high-strength, low-alloy materials instead of conventional steel automobile parts.
  • Consider an electric vehicle. Visit CAA's Electric Vehicle Website.
  • Downsize the engine. Choose a 4-cylinder or 6-cylinder option over a V8.
  • Purchase a vehicle with a streamlined shape, which reduces wind resistance.
  • Consider a diesel-engine vehicle, as diesel is a high-efficiency fuel.
  • Choose manual over automatic transmissions. Drivers of manual vehicles are able to keep their engine running in the most efficient operating range by gearing up or down according to driving conditions.
  • Choose high voltage systems supported by powerful batteries that can run your vehicle’s accessories independent of the crank shaft. In most cars, there is a 12-volt battery sufficient only to power some accessories and the starter motor. This means that many of your vehicle’s accessory systems, including air conditioning, are powered by the crankshaft. This effectively steals power from the engine that would otherwise be directed to the drivetrain and wheels, thus causing the engine to burn more fuel.
(Source: The AutoSmart Guide, Natural Resources Canada)

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