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Sources of Electricity

What’s the operating cost of driving an electric vehicle in your province? Check out CAA’s handy online calculator to find out.

There are environmental impacts resulting from the sources of electricity used to charge electric vehicle batteries. For example, consider coal-fired generating stations just like internal combustion engines, these stations emit greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions that contribute to global climate change. Nuclear generating stations produce radioactive waste products that remain toxic for thousands of years.

However, consider the following positives:

  • Much of the electricity produced in Canada is clean, plentiful, and inexpensive.
  • Electricity is especially inexpensive during low usage hours, such as overnight and on weekends, which is the most common time to charge electric vehicles.
  • HEVs and PHEVs in gasoline mode produce fewer GHG emissions than vehicles using internal combustion engines alone.
  • BEVs produce zero tailpipe emissions from the vehicles themselves. If you charge in a province with a low-emitting grid, you can reduce your GHG emissions from your vehicle by as much as 90%.

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