Are EVs more efficient and environmentally friendly?

There are three key factors to consider when determining how clean EVs really are: vehicle and battery production emissions, cleanliness of the electricity used to charge the vehicle during its lifespan and the battery recycling/disposal process.

1. Vehicle production emissions

Vehicle manufacturing is more resource-intensive for EVs today than for producing internal combustion engine (ICE) vehicles, in large part due to the resource extraction required for an EV’s lithium-ion battery.

2. Cleanliness of electricity

EVs have zero tailpipe emissions but the power used to charge them can cause emissions. This can vary depending on location, and the cleanliness of the power grid.

3. Battery recycling process

Initially, EV batteries were not designed for alternative uses after their lifespan in an EV and many ended up in landfills. This is beginning to change as EV technology continues to develop.