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Mobile App FAQs

Q: Why isn’t the gas prices button displaying any content? It also doesn’t do anything when I tap it.

If you are seeing a gas prices button on your app, but nothing is happening when you tap it and there is a blank space on the button itself, you need to update your app. The latest version of the CAA App for Mobile should display local gas prices directly in that button and should display a map with gas prices when the button is selected.

Q: Why does it say gas station unavailable?

The button will display gas station unavailable when your location services have not been enabled. Please enable your location services and close the app. When you return to the screen your gas station should be listed.

Q: Why is the map showing Toronto as my location when I am not located in Toronto?

The map displays Toronto as a default when the location services are not enabled. Please turn on your location services and allow the app to locate you to have the map reflect your current location.

Q: How do I find out the price of mid-grade or premium gas?

Select the gas station POI that you are interested in. Once that POI is select there is a More Info button, if you select that all three gas prices (regular, mid-grade and premium) will display.

Q: How do I find gas stations that are not in my current location?

Enter the location that you are looking for in search bar and the map will bring you to that location, as long as the gas POI is selected the gas stations in that area should appear

Q: How do I re-route the directions using my current location?

A: You can quickly re-route to your destination using your current location as the starting point by using the current location button while on the Map or List screens.

This feature will then:

  • Re-calculate your route from your current location to your destination
  • Show the new route on the map or in the list

Q: How do I find nearby CAA/AAA Savings and Rewards Partner locations?

A: Inside the Savings and Rewards section of this app you can select the categories of rewards you wish to view using the category icons. In most cases, the map will automatically display all the savings and rewards locations within the viewable area.

Q: How do I find CAA/AAA Rewards Partners or TripTik points of interest at a different location from my current location?

A: Simply enter the address (optional), city (required) and province/state (required) into the search Field found at the top of the List and Map screens to change the searched area to any location in the Canada or U.S.A. The app will search this location and reposition the map, then update the list to display the results in that area.

Q: How do I get the name of an item marked on the map?

A: Simply select the icon representing the item on the map you are interested in. The name of the item will appear.

Q: How do I get more details for an item on the map?


  1. Select the icon of the item on the map you are interested in.
  2. Select the name of that item that appears with an arrow beside it
  3. A new screen will appear with more information on that item

Q: How do I change the order my results are listed in?

A: Select the More button and change the map and list settings as desired.
The list can be sorted by “Name”, “Distance”, and “Category”.

Q: What does “Directions Unavailable” mean?

A: This message appears on the green status bar of the Directions screen and the Route screen when one of these conditions are true:

  • Your starting point is more than 15 km from the nearest road
  • There are no public roads between your starting point and the ending point
  • The service is temporarily unavailable

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