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Below are a few videos that can help you and your loved ones assess and maintain driving skills, and even start a conversation on adjusting driving habits, if needed.

Intro to Portal Video

People are living, and driving longer than ever before. To keep people safe on the road, CAA has pulled together expert advice and resources into a new safety and mobility web site – The practical information and tools here are designed to aid in assessing and maintaining safe driving skills, and promoting early conversation between seniors and their loved ones about knowing when to adjust driving habits.

Physical and Mental Changes Video

As we age, our physical and mental abilities change too, and that can affect driving. CAA has created an informative video that explains some of the physical and mental changes that happen as we age, with suggestions about adjustments that can help to compensate for those changes.

Driving Procedure Series

CAA has created a short video series outlining some of the best tips for maintaining driving skills. The series includes advice on managing challenging driving conditions, such as driving at night and merging, and a pre-driving check-list to help prepare yourself and your car for driving.

Giving Advice Video

We all know that at some point most of us will have to adjust our driving habits. CAA has gathered advice that can help guide you and your loved ones through this process. It is infinitely better to be realistic about your driving habits than to deal with the potential consequences of ignoring the issue.

Who is Going to Drive Miss Daisy: The Challenge of Older Drivers

In 2012, the Alberta Motor Association (AMA) asked seniors themselves to describe the challenges they face as seniors drivers, and the solutions they came up with.

Who is Going to Drive Miss Daisy II: The Experts Weigh In

In 2013, AMA produced Who is Going to Drive Miss Daisy II: The Experts Weigh In. The video collects advice and practical information from experts who work with senior drivers, such as physicians, road safety advocates, and academics.

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