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CAA is always here for you to help with your travel needs.

If travelling during COVID-19, remain cautious and always plan ahead. Click anywhere on this map of North America to see up to date state and provincial COVID-related restrictions.


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Travel Advisories & Border Information

The information in this map is provided for guidance only. Government websites should be consulted for official information. Government advisories and restrictions vary greatly province to province, and they change frequently – especially amidst COVID-19. For easy access, we have compiled all relevant links for those looking for additional border and travel advisory information:


New Brunswick

Nova Scotia

Prince Edward Island

Newfoundland & Labrador






British Columbia

Travel Abroad

The Canadian government has asked all Canadians to avoid non-essential travel abroad until further notice. Travel advice as well as information on restrictions and exemptions related to the coronavirus (COVID-19) is available on its website.

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