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Clarifying Expectations

Even if it provokes the occasional sarcastic comment, it’s a good idea to review your expectations before you hand the keys over to your teen.

Driving solo comes with increased responsibility. Review your family driving agreement and safety-related concepts such as:

  • Following speed limits
  • Not driving when tired
  • Calling for a ride if there’s any concern about safety
  • Avoiding distractions
  • Always wearing a seat belt
  • Having no passengers without your permission and being responsible for any passengers you do allow
  • Dealing with peer pressure

The pre-drive check-in

Before hitting the road, make sure your teen knows his or her:

  • Destination
  • Route plan
  • Return time

If he or she is going to be a passenger with another teen, go over the principles of smart decision making such as not riding in vehicles with multiple teen passengers—and never riding with distracted, drinking or drug-impaired drivers.

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