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Driving is about more than just the skills required to get your licence. It also takes an understanding of the responsibilities and potential consequences of getting behind the wheel.

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Driving is a privilege

The most important thing to understand is that driving is a privilege you must earn-and one you can lose. Driving can be great-you’re more independent and get to do more of what you want. But the choices you make behind the wheel can also have serious consequences for the people around you, including your parents and your friends.


As you know, there is a lot more to driving than just going from one place to another. That set of keys comes with major responsibilities that need to be accepted.

The primary responsibility of all drivers is to ensure the safety of themselves and others. This includes not only your passengers and other drivers but also pedestrians, cyclists and anyone else who may be on or near the road. Part of this responsibility involves showing basic knowledge of your province or territory’s traffic laws.

You may be responsible for getting your vehicle’s certificate of ownership, registration papers, licence plates and insurance, then making sure these are renewed when required.

You may also need to perform routine maintenance on your vehicle-things like having your oil changed and checking your tires for proper inflation.

Finally, you need to understand that when you’re behind the wheel, you alone will face the consequences of your actions. Even if you’re a minor, you will be penalized for violating traffic laws and will face the consequences of damaging property or injuring people.

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