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Getting Them Ready

You can help your teen understand his or her obligations as a driver—and why skills, judgment and experience are important. As you shape your teen’s driving habits, it’s also a great time to reinforce other lifelong values such as accountability, personal responsibility, consideration of others, and appreciation for the fact that actions have consequences.

What can you do?

Be aware that you’re a role model.

Set the standard for safe driving behaviour by:

  • Obeying traffic laws
  • Avoiding distractions such as texting
  • Always checking your blind spots before changing lanes
  • Always wearing your seat belt
  • Watching your speed
  • Leaving enough room between you and the car ahead
  • Using your turn signals

Be open and communicative about the rules of the road, your own experiences as a driver, and the risks involved with driving. Invite your teen to share his or her thoughts, too. Committing to supervised driving sessions that provide opportunities for practice is also important.

Get informed

Learn about the driver education programs and licensing process in your province or territory. Many jurisdictions have graduated licensing programs that incrementally develop teens’ driving skills.
You can find out more about the driver licensing process in your province or territory at the links below:

For more information on getting your child ready for driving, please read the following:

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