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Learning to Drive

Before applying for your driver’s license, it’s best to get some formal driving education, a lot of driving practice and an understanding of basic car maintenance.

Education is key

It is advisable to enroll in a commercial driving school to learn to drive. They employ experienced professionals who will provide the most comprehensive driving education available—giving you all the knowledge and skills you’ll need to pass your driving test and become a safety-conscious driver.

Practice makes perfect

The best drivers are the ones with the most experience—and it may take about five years or longer before you can realistically expect to gain all the skills needed for safe driving. Make sure you practice—a lot—with an experienced driver and in varying road conditions.

Don’t rush into car ownership

Young drivers who have a vehicle reserved for their use are twice as likely to have a crash as teens that have to share a car with other family members. Teen drivers are more successful—with fewer tickets and less dangerous driving—when their parents are involved for at least the first year. It’s also important to learn basic car maintenance, regardless of who owns the vehicle.

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