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Car Care

Cars require regular maintenance to operate safely and properly. Whether you’re driving your own car or one that belongs to your parents, you need to learn the basics of car maintenance to prolong your car’s life—and ensure your safety.

The basics of care maintenance

Get in the habit of performing routine safety checks on your car. Poor maintenance can lead to dangerous situations like tire blowouts and engine fires. Learn some basics of car care so you can respond if your vehicle breaks down—or someone else needs help.

You should feel comfortable:

  • Checking fluid levels
  • Changing a tire
  • Using jumper cables
  • Using a tire gauge to check tire pressure

If you need help developing these skills, ask your parents to teach you or look for a car care clinic in your community. Some maintenance emergencies may require more skills than those listed above—which is why for more than 100 years Canadians have invested in CAA Roadside Assistance, to know help is available whenever, wherever they need it. Learn more about Roadside Assistance in your area by visiting CAA and entering your postal code.

Save money—and the environment

Consider delaying the purchase of your own car for economic and safety reasons. In regards to safety, teens that have to share a car with other family members are less likely to be involved in crashes.

Owning a car can be expensive. You have to pay for things like gas, insurance and tires. Good maintenance and safe driving habits can reduce wear on your car. This not only saves you cash: a vehicle that runs well is also better for the environment.

Good driving behaviours that help prolong the life of your vehicle include:

  • Driving the speed limit
  • Accelerating smoothly
  • Not slamming the brakes
  • Maintaining a constant cruising speed

For more information about how to drive in an environmentally friendly way, see our Eco Driving page.

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