It's closer than you think

Automated vehicle technology will change the future of driving and mobility in Canada.

On the road to driverless cars

Only a few years ago, automated vehicles (AVs) seemed like a distant future. But as technology evolves, it’s easier to see how driverless cars could become reality.

That’s not to say the process won’t take time. There are also important questions to answer before this vision can come to life including concerns around data privacy and safety, not to mention the unique challenge of making everything work in Canadian winters.

Cars on the road today have a variety of vehicle driver assistance safety features that are changing the way we drive. While this can be a good thing, it is important for drivers to recognize the safety features included in their car, how they work and their limitations, as well as understanding the data being collected by your car. This website is designed to help you learn about all this and more.

See the evolution of the car

The road may not be smooth.

For all its potential, there are also questions and concerns that need to be addressed before fully self-driving vehicles become a reality.

Myths & Questions

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