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Chargey thingies, electric rectangles, the red/green twirler–there is a lot to learn about electric vehicles. CAA supports Canadian drivers by providing simple, accurate information and tools about electric vehicles so that you can make informed decisions.

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Sustainability is one of CAA’s core pillars and we are dedicated to making vehicles more fuel-efficient for Canadians. This makes advocacy for electric vehicle development a no-brainer. We are focused on providing you with the latest research, tools, and support to reflect the shifts we are seeing in the vehicle industry.

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Think EVs are complicated? We can help.

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Driving Cost Calculator

In the market for a new vehicle? Get a better understanding of all the ongoing costs of ownership and compare the costs of gas, hybrid and electric vehicles.

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EV Buyers Guide

Your source for electric vehicle information. Find the nearest charging stations, learn about different engines, get insight on costs and more.

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There are over 90 electric vehicle models currently for sale in Canada–use our handy tool to find the one that will best fit your needs.

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