Renewing Your Driver’s Licence

In Canada, most provinces require drivers to take vision tests and, in some cases, written driving tests every two years after the age of 80, to ensure they can continue to drive safely.



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Referrals for Additional Assessment

Your doctor may refer you to a social worker, nurse, occupational therapist or other professional to complete an in-depth assessment of your driving abilities. These professionals use a variety of assessment tools, questionnaires and activities. The purpose of these referrals is to provide local provincial transportation authorities with additional information to enable them to make a fair assessment of your ability to drive safely. Depending on the results of your assessment, you may need a convalescence period or rehabilitation before you can renew your licence.

The following are used to make the final decision about whether or not you may renew your driver’s licence or renew it with conditions:

  • your doctor’s report
  • medical documentation, where applicable
  • your driving record
  • road test results

Examples of conditions include not driving at night or wearing corrective lenses.