Data Privacy

Consumer Control of Vehicle Data

Vehicles today collect reams of data about drivers, their contacts and where they’ve been. In the old days that data might have been just about engine trouble. Now it could be GPS, your contact list, and who uses the vehicle. CAA wants consumers to control that data and decide who it is shared with, not the vehicle manufacturer.

The data generated by cars will be worth as much as $750 billion by 2030, according to global management consultants McKinsey.

Who should control your data, and how will it be used?

CAA believes that people should be aware of what data is being collected and should also decide who their data is shared with — be it with their local mechanic, vehicle manufacturer, an insurance company, or auto club.

– Source: Automotive Industries Association of Canada

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Vehicle Data in Canada

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of new cars in Canada will be equipped with wireless technology that collects and reports extensive vehicle information by 2022 (Deloitte).

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7 in 10

Canadians are unaware of who owns their vehicle information (Quorus Consulting Group).