Young Drivers

For a lot of people, there’s nothing quite like the freedom that comes with a driver’s licence.

It can mean independence and open new possibilities for travel, employment, and education.

If you are ready to take the wheel, there are a lot of good things to know to help keep you and others safe. CAA has compiled some resources and advice for new drivers. It is time to begin the road to getting your licence.

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Driving responsibilities

A driver’s licence comes with responsibilities. We detail some of the most important ones.

Learn about responsibilities
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Understand the cost

Your expenses will include more than just the ticket price of a car.

Learn about car costs
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Getting your licence

Most provinces have several steps in order to get your licence.

Learn about licensing
Cyclist riding bike

Go your own way

We all have lots of options to get around today besides driving. CAA supports good transit, cycling and walking infrastructure. And we’ve got some good tips for staying safe while cycling.

Learn about bike safety