Smart Infrastructure

CAA supports safe and smart mobility for all

It is critical to our society and economy that roadways are safe and in good repair.

And today, it’s just as important we seek innovative data-driven solutions to infrastructure issues. Smart infrastructure takes many forms in the 21st century. It’s not just about concrete and asphalt. It encompasses complete street design, so pedestrians, cyclists and motorists can all travel safely and efficiently. It includes planning now for autonomous vehicles, and the use of technology to improve traffic flows.


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The Cost of Poor Roads in Canada

Canada’s 1.04 million kilometres of roads connect communities, sustain commerce and enable everyday travel for work and leisure. But when these roads are allowed to deteriorate, Canadian drivers pay the price. In a first of its kind study in Canada, CAA worked with CPCS to show the cost to vehicle owners of poor roads, rather than focusing on how much it costs to build or repair them. CAA’s analysis revealed the average Canadian driver incurs an extra $126 in costs annually due to the poor quality of roads – a total of $3 billion for drivers collectively. That cost comes in the form of more vehicle repairs, higher maintenance and other operating expenses. By identifying the cost of poor roads, CAA hopes to encourage more government investment in smart infrastructure.

Read the full study and learn the cost of roads in your province.

Breaking the Bottlenecks: Congestion Solutions for Canada.

Most of us know what it’s like to be mired in traffic on a busy Canadian roadway. Often tempers flare, blood pressure shoots up. Fuel is wasted, pollution increases, and our productivity takes a tumble. Road congestion takes a huge toll on our quality of life, our economy, and our environment.

CAA commissioned CPCS, a Canadian-based international transportation consulting firm, to examine best practices to ease congestion. The result is Congestion Solutions – a toolkit to help policy makers and the public identify potential ways, big and small, to alleviate traffic congestion.


What do Canadians think about smart infrastructure?

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Prior to COVID-19, 62 percent of Canadians felt traffic in their community was worse, compared to three years ago.

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31 percent of Canadians say a lack of cycling infrastructure prevents them from cycling more often.

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Over half of CAA Members (53%) say the condition of roads and highways is declining in their part of Canada.