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In the top right of the search results screen, tap on the icon with the 3 sliders. Here you can select from a list of result types. Tap on Apply located in the tip right of the screen to apply the filters.

  1. Select the icon of the item on the map you are interested in.
  2. Select the name or logo to view more details.

Simply select the icon representing the item on the map that you are interested in and the name of the item will appear.

Log into the app, and then tap on the “My Account” icon in the menu at the bottom of the screen. Under “Profile” tap on “Favourite Offers.”

Log into the app. When viewing any offer, tap on the heart icon located in the top right corner of the screen.

Log into the app and then tap on the card icon on the top right of the screen.

It can take up to 30 days for your CAA Dollars balance to be updated.

This can occur for any of the following reasons:

  1. You recently joined CAA and activated a new Membership. In this case your membership card can sometimes take multiple day to process and pass the appropriate Member information to our app. If this problem persists, please contact CAA for assistance.
  2. You recently moved and switched CAA Clubs. As mentioned above, you may experience delays in the transfer of your Membership when switching to a different CAA Club.

Tap on “More” in the bottom menu, and then “Find the Nearest CAA locations.”

Open app and scroll down to “Offer nearby,” if Location Services are OFF then tap on “Turn On” and allow CAA to access your location. On the Home screen Rewards partners will display on a map in the Offers Nearby section. Tap on the map to view what is available near you.

Tap on “More” in the bottom menu, and then “Contact Us.”

You can send an email to the CAA mobile app support team by selecting “Share Feedback” in the “More” section.


Police enforce drug-impaired driving laws using a Standard Field Sobriety Test (SFST) and Drug Recognition Experts (DRE). The law permits police to use approved drug screening devices to detect the recent presence of several drugs, including THC from cannabis.

Following a legal roadside stop, police can demand an oral fluid sample and/or conduct an SFST if they suspect you are driving under the influence of a drug.

Just like you shouldn’t drink and drive, don’t drive high.  If you are impaired, here are some options to avoid putting yourself, passengers, and other drivers at risk.

  • Plan ahead, have a designated driver.
  • Call a friend or loved one to pick you up.
  • Take public transit.
  • Call a cab or ridesharing service.
  • Stay over.

Yes, despite the therapeutic benefits of medical cannabis, it can still affect cognitive abilities, impairing a person’s ability to drive safely. This is the same reason why some prescription drugs come with warnings not to drive or operate heavy equipment while taking them (Canadian Public Health Association). Consult your doctor before driving after taking a prescription for medical cannabis.

According to CAA-funded research, young Canadians who inhale cannabis are at a greater risk of a vehicle crash even five hours after consumption. The effects of edible cannabis can take longer to appear, and the impairing effects can last longer too. While research varies, edibles may remain in your system for up to 12 hours. Edibles may cause a different or delayed type of high compared to smoking and as such it is important to know your plans before eating anything. Schedule a rideshare, have a designated driver or spend the evening at home – just don’t get behind the wheel. (Centre for Addiction and Mental Health).

Everyone’s response to cannabis differs and can vary with the form of consumption. Cannabis can cause drowsiness, slower reaction times, lower the ability to pay attention and impair coordination. Using cannabis and then driving or operating heavy machinery can result in an accident, serious injury or death (Government of Canada).

While inhaled forms of cannabis can reach your lungs within a few minutes and produce higher euphoric effects quickly, edibles need to be digested to get in your blood stream and effects take longer to appear. Maximum THC blood levels occur between one and six hours later and the effects could last for up to 20 hours. (University of Toronto).

Whether impaired by alcohol or drugs, impaired driving is a serious criminal offence in Canada. The legal limits for cannabis permitted in a person’s blood are so low it’s best to never mix cannabis and driving. Don’t take a chance. Don’t drive high.

Data Privacy

If car manufacturers control your data, they could limit who can access the data. For example, this could leave you with fewer places to choose from when your car needs maintenance (Source: AIA Canada).


Any car with sensors, including older model vehicles, that track car temperature, position, speed and/or distance, collect and transmit data (Source: AIA Canada).

Today’s vehicles collect up to 25GB of data per hour (Source: McKinsey).

Electric Vehicles

If you are thinking about buying an electric vehicle for the first time, one of the most helpful things you can do is to take the experience of other EV owners. EV Society invites you to watch, listen and read the firsthand experiences of those who’ve already made the switch. Electric Vehicle Society is a not-for-profit organization helping drivers transition to electric vehicles. They have chapters and affiliates across the country with EV owner volunteers who can answer any questions you may have.

Click here for more info:

That depends on the source of electricity. In Canada, most of our electricity is generated by low-emitting hydro and nuclear sources. That means EV ownership can help reduce your personal vehicle greenhouse gas emissions by 60% to 90%. Not to mention, this can result in savings of more than $1,000/year on fuel. (

Norway has one of the world’s highest EV adoption rates. Tests in this Nordic country found that, on average, electric vehicles lost on average 18.5% of their official driving range in cold conditions. There are also ways to reduce these efficiency losses. For example, there are apps that enable you to pre-warm the EV battery and the car’s interior. (; Consumer Reports)

Current manufacturer warranties cover electric vehicle batteries for eight years, but they are built to last the life of your car. Over time, EV batteries will degrade, which leads to a loss of driving range. Recycling gives these batteries another life. However, there is still a lot experts are still discovering, such as the cost to replace batteries. (

On average, Canadians drive less than 100 kms per day. That’s well within the range of today’s new EVs, which can run for 500 kms and more on a single charge. Planning a long road trip? There are more than 5,000 public charging stations across Canada. You can drive an EV from coast to coast using that charging network. And, depending on your vehicle, the latest quick-charge technologies enable you to top-up your battery in as little as 30 minutes. (Natural Resources Canada; Hydro One)

Gas Prices

The seasonal pattern of less driving due to shorter days and crummy weather, combined with a lower oil cost, has been known to drive gas prices lower.  

In Canada, all gasoline sales are subject to GST (the Goods and Services Tax) and the excise tax, but the situation varies from one province to another and even from one region to another. 

Learn more here. 

According to Natural Resources Canada, on average, Ontario and Quebec account for about 55 percent of the gasoline consumed in Canada. The western provinces account for about 36 percent, while the remaining 9% is consumed in the Atlantic provinces and the Territories.

All gas price information on this site is provided by Gas Buddy. All gas price content on this website is protected under the copyright law of the United States of America and other countries. Users may not reproduce, distribute, create derivative works, display, modify, or otherwise exploit any or all portions of this web site or the content posted on this web site. Any commercial use or exploitation of protected content is strictly prohibited. Any unauthorized use of the content, except as otherwise permitted, may violate copyright and other laws of the United States of America or other countries, as well as applicable U.S. state laws. Users are granted a limited license to retrieve or print a copy of the content on this web site solely for personal, non-commercial use only. User acknowledges that it has no claim to ownership of any of the content or materials on this web site simply by reason of its use of or access to this web site. Neither CAA nor OPIS grants any license or other authorization to any user for the use of the trade names, trademarks, or service marks of CAA or OPIS except what is permitted expressly herein.

The price you pay for gasoline at your local service station can vary based on the type of gas, regional taxes, the level of competition, the amount that outlet sells, and the type and location of stations.

Learn more about price variants here.

Many things influence the price of gas since crude oil and refined gas are traded on commodities markets. Factors that can influence the pump price include:

  1. Seasonal changes
  2. Weather conditions
  3. Geopolitical conflict
  4. Increased demand
  5. Status of oil and gas reserves
  6. Refining capacity
  7. Value of the US dollar

Natural Resources Canada explores this issue in depth.

Several things play into the price you see at the pump, including supply and demand, crude oil prices, the cost of refining crude, taxes, and the local market.

The retail margin varies according to the size of the town or city. In the gasoline market, prices in large cities are generally lower than in small towns. Because gas stations located in urban areas often have greater volume than stations in smaller towns, their retail margin is often lower.

Natural Resources Canada explores this question in greater detail.

International Driving Permit

The following documents are needed:

  • Photocopy (front and back) of your valid Canadian provincial driver’s licence
  • 2 identical passport type photographs, signed by you. CAA members can check with their local Club for possible membership savings for passport photos. Call a CAA store today.

No, only CAA can issue an IDP to individuals with Canadian driver’s licences.

Yes, please include a note with your return address.  If you would like it couriered, please include this in the note.

Yes, as long as you are still in possession of a valid Canadian driver’s licence.

Yes, as long as they have the required documents and a letter from you giving them permission to do this.

Yes, you can still apply for an IDP through the mail.  Please include a note that states you are not in Canada and the address you would like the IDP to be mailed to.  You can also have a loved one apply for you – see question below.

Please mail your complete application, along with your photos, to your local CAA office. Find your local CAA office here.

Yes, at the bottom of the application form there is an area for your credit card information. However, please phone your CAA club to provide your credit card CVV number or provide a contact number so that the number can be obtained.  Financial industry rules prohibit including this number on your application form or providing it via e-mail.

The type of vehicle you will be driving with the IDP, based on those listed on your driving licence (car, truck, motorcycle, bus etc.).

You can still obtain an IDP.  If you are applying by mail, include a note that states you are at a different address than your licence and include the address you would like the IDP mailed to.

Use the address that is shown on your Canadian driver’s licence.


Yes, you can use a temporary licence to obtain an IDP.  If you are applying by mail, include a photocopy of the temporary licence.  Please note that an IDP is only valid with a valid driver’s licence, so we would advise you to ensure the licence you plan to use does not expire while you are away.

Yes, but only after you have obtained a temporary driver’s licence or written proof from the Ministry of Transportation in the Province or Territory where you are licenced.



You can use any Canadian Provincial or Territorial driver’s licence. You cannot obtain an IDP with a learner’s level licence.

An IDP expires one year from the date it is issued or when the associated provincial driver’s licence expires, whichever comes first. While the IDP is valid for one year, some countries may have restrictions on the length of time you can drive there. Check with the country you plan to visit before you leave.

Penalties can vary and can be a fine or a citation.  Check the driving rules and regulations in the country you plan on visiting before you leave to determine if you need an IDP.

If you visit a store, your permit can normally be processed in less than an hour. If you send your application by mail, it will take about two working days following receipt to process and mail back to you. There may be some shipment delays due to COVID-19.

At any CAA store location in Canada. You can visit the store in person or mail all the required documents to the store. Find your closest location here.

You must be 18 years or older and have a valid driver’s licence. It cannot be a learner’s permit.

As of December 1st, 2023, IDP fees have increased to $31.00 CDN.

An IDP is a document which, when accompanied by a valid driver’s licence, enables a person to drive vehicles for leisure purposes in many foreign countries. Only CAA is authorized to issue IDPs in Canada, under a UN-approved mandate. Any non-CAA issued IDP is fake and will not be accepted by a foreign country. For more information, visit the Government of Canada website here.

Rewards Assistant

We hope that you don’t ever want to remove the CAA Rewards Assistant, but if you do, you
simply right click on the CAA icon and choose “Remove from Chrome”.

There are two types of offers the CAA Rewards Assistant will recommend:

  • In-Store – These offers are available only when shopping in-store.  The details of the offer will be described in the CAA Rewards Assistant. 
  • Online – These offers are available online.  You must click on the Shop Now link to activate the offer before making your purchase

The CAA Rewards Assistant currently supports the Google Chrome browser.  We are evaluating future support for other popular browsers.

You only need to sign in one time.  The CAA Rewards Assistant will remember your CAA Member number each time you open the browser.  If you want to login with a different CAA Member number you should open the Rewards Assistant and click the “Logout” button.

If the CAA Rewards Assistant is blinking, it means there is an active offer for the retailer whose page you are on.  Click on the CAA Rewards Assistant icon to view the offer.

If the CAA Rewards Assistant is coloured grey it means you are not currently signed in. 

NOTE: You must be signed in in order for the CAA Rewards Assistant to recommend offers. To sign in, click on the CAA Rewards Assistant and then enter your CAA Membership Number.