Talking About it Doesn’t Have to be Hard

There is certainly a lot of angst about having “that conversation” about a senior’s driving ability, and when seniors should consider limiting their driving, or changing their driving habits.

The key thing to remember is that seniors – and any seniors reading this would likely agree – are, generally, pretty wise. And they certainly don’t want to cause anyone harm by driving unsafely. Indeed, many senior drivers self-regulate their driving, by not driving at night, not driving long distances, or not driving in bad weather.

The conversation, although it could be uncomfortable, is taking place between two responsible adults who want the best for each other. By approaching the subject head on, being supportive of each other, and realistic about actual driving ability, this conversation can be had without conflict.

Have a look at our advice for talking about driving and aging, and read – and print off – CAA’s Knowing Your Limits Conversation Guide. We’ve also created a video, which includes some very helpful advice on how to start this conversation. You might be surprised by how easily you are able to reach an agreement on any changes that need to be made.