Sharing The Road

The number of bikes on our roads continues to rise. Cyclists ride for exercise, they ride to get to work—some ride for work. And today in some parts of the country, cycling is a year-round activity. Road safety depends on the vigilance and cooperation of motorists and cyclists. Most motorists are—or have been—cyclists.

Most adult cyclists drive cars. Let’s work together to make our roads safer for everyone. CAA offers helpful resources to make the roads safer for everyone.

Be seen. Be heard. Be ready.

Easy ways to be safe and comfortable on your bike.

Be Seen

1. Wear lightly-toned or brightly-colored clothing.

2. Use Reflectors and reflective tape on your helmet, clothes, and bicycle.

3. Equip your bike with a headlight and taillight for night riding.

Be Heard

4. Equip your bike with a bell or horn to signal pedestrians and drivers, and to pass other bikes safely.

Be Ready

5. Always wear running or cycling shoes while riding.

6. Avoid loose-fitting pants that can get tangled in your bike chain.

7. Equip your bike with a cage and water bottle that can be easily and safely accessible.