Canadians’ love affair with their vehicle still going strong

Car driving through leaves in autumn
February 14, 2012

OTTAWA – The Canadian Automobile Association (CAA) recently asked Canadians some light-hearted questions about how they feel about their vehicle in relation to other important things in their lives.

The results of the national survey of nearly 3,700 Canadians revealed that our love affair with the car continues unabated… but other priorities do come first.

We asked, if they had to choose, what they would rather give up for a year:

  • Their car or their cell/smart phone: 81 per cent said their cell/smart phone.
  • Their car or coffee: 82 per cent said coffee.
  • Their car or television: 64 per cent said television.

And finally, 64 per cent said that if they had to choose they would give up their car rather than their spouse, a good thing to have reaffirmed on this special day of romance. Another 18 per cent said they would choose their vehicle over their romantic partner, though, while 18 per cent said they were undecided.

Having trouble figuring out what to get your romantic partner? Well, it doesn’t look like the choice of a vehicle will help. In the same survey, only 20 per cent of Canadians said they view their vehicle as an expression of their personality, while 63 per cent said their vehicle was just a way to get around.

The survey of 3,679 Canadians is considered accurate to within 3.1 percentage points, 19 times out of 20.



Alayne Crawford
Manager of Public Affairs
[email protected]