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Driver Education Programs

As a new driver, you need a basic foundation of knowledge and skills to drive safely in a variety of road conditions. Quality driver education can help you develop safe driving habits and make good decisions in challenging situations.

You’ve probably already learned a lot about driving by paying attention to the habits of experienced adult drivers. But those habits could be either good or bad. While you can learn how to drive from a parent or other experienced adult, your best option is to enroll in a commercial driving school. Structured classroom and behind-the-wheel instruction can also boost your confidence and help you stay calm and focused when you get behind the wheel—essential for safe driving.

Remember to be patient during this time. Depending on which province or territory you live in, getting your full license could take over a year through a graduated licensing program.

What you’ll learn from driver education

Driver education combines theory and practice. You’ll learn the rules of the road, how to operate a motor vehicle, and be able to practice what you’ve learned in supervised sessions.

You’ll also learn:

  • How to identify risky situations and avoid them
  • How to avoid distractions while driving
  • The benefits of being a courteous driver
  • How to pass your driving test
  • The financial and legal responsibilities that come with driving

What should you look for in a driver education program?

The key is finding a driving school that’s the right fit for you and meets your needs. Choose quality over convenience, even if you have to travel farther or spend more time in the program: the extra effort will pay off.

The best driver education programs:

  • Offer reasonable student-teacher ratios
  • Belong to a professional association
  • Require instructors to continuously train and upgrade their skills
  • Encourage parental involvement
  • Be open to and proactive about resolving complaints

Did you know that some driver education courses will even give you high school credits, help you earn your full licence sooner or lower your insurance costs?

Train with CAA

The Alberta Motor Association, CAA Quebec and CAA South Central Ontario both offer driver education programs. Learn more online:

Alberta: AMA

Ontario: CAASCO

Québec: CAA Quebec

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