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Driving Tools

The following resources are freely available to help you and your family make smarter, safer driving decisions.

Traffic Injury Research Foundation

An additional academic source of information about driver safety for researchers, practitioners, young drivers, new drivers and parents.

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CAA Family Driving Agreement

A tool for outlining Expectations and agreed upon rules for you and your parents.

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CAA Driving Cost Tool

A tool to help you calculate the total expenses associated with your vehicle.

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What You Can Do to Conserve Fuel and Reduce Emissions

Tips on how to save fuel and reduce your environmental footprint.

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Canadian Motor Vehicle Traffic Collision Statistics

The latest statistics from Transport Canada on motor collisions across the country

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Bike Safety

A resource for motorists and cyclists alike that helps explain the rules of the road and provides general safety advice, all aimed to ensure bicycles and vehicles can peacefully and safely co-exist on Canada’s roads.

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