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Assess Your Driving Skills

One of the most important things we can do to maintain driving independence is to regularly assess driving skills and physical and mental abilities in order to pinpoint areas for improvement. We can then take steps to brush up on relevant driving skills – such as merging onto a busy highway – or counteract physical and mental changes in order to continue driving safely.

CAA has sourced two different driving skills assessments that can be used by all drivers, including seniors. In most cases, results will likely identify some areas for improvement, regardless of age. In a few cases and depending on results, consider changing driving habits (such as limiting driving at night), or to driving less or not at all.

These tests are not meant to take the place of a medical assessment of readiness to drive. More information on determining readiness to drive and on consulting a medical professional can be found here.

Simple Driving Assessment
In 10-15 minutes, drivers can answer questions on a worksheet that will help to evaluate whether they need to take steps to improve their driving skills, and to pinpoint specific areas for improvement.

Roadwise Review Online Assessment
In approximately 45 minutes, and with the help of a partner to assist with some of the test, you can complete this interactive online assessment to test a variety of visual, mental and physical conditions that can affect driving, such as leg strength and mobility, vision, and reaction times. For this test, you will need a measuring tape and a computer mouse.

Professional Assessment
Have you noticed that some of your skills needed for safe driving are not as strong as they used to be?

  • Not seeing as well?
  • Reacting more slowly?
  • Losing flexibility or strength that makes some driving manoeuvres challenging?

As areas of concern emerge, you may decide to seek a professional assessment to find out how your driving is affected and if you could benefit from a referral to rehabilitation. Your doctor may complete the assessment or make a referral to an occupational therapist, a private company or a clinic that specializes in driving assessment and evaluation.

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